We come in clutch.


1. Define the Brand

The first step in marketing success is defining your brand. It's been said that great branding makes cars drive faster and food taste better. We consider your values, objectives, customers, and company culture to find a world-class brand direction. 


But what sets Clutch apart? Our collaboration and thoughtfulness. We create multiple mood boards to get a sense of what pulls you in. We’ll discuss fonts, color pallets, style priorities, and creative diversity. This helps us better understand the overall feel of your company. 


This feedback culminates into the creation of your brand development. Your brand is more than a service mark and company name, it represents your vision and where you are going. At Clutch, we love brand development design and the opportunity to get personal with your team during the design process. 


Already have a logo you love?

We do that too.

We will take your logo and build a

brand guide and implementation plan.


Top shelf & world-class.

We've worked with the best.

Our goal is to bring YOUR brand to life. Mood boards help us a build a brand and create a shared vision.

Your logo.

While a brand is more than a logo, your logo is the face of your company. Having a mark that speaks to your story and style is critical in forming that first impression with your audience. Our team will help you land on a logo that represents your company and tells your story.

2. Build out your style guide

Once we have honed in on the perfect logo, then we get to have some fun! Nothing is off limits as we work to determine your style guide. Your style guide helps implement your brand in every customer facing asset.

RusticPrarie_STYLEGUIDE_website_logo cop
RusticPrarie_STYLEGUIDE_website_logo cop
RusticPrarie_STYLEGUIDE_website_colors c
RusticPrarie_STYLEGUIDE_website_fonts co
RusticPrarie_STYLEGUIDE_website_logos co


your brand

Now that we have your amazing brand identity, voice, and messaging established, it's time to implement.


We know what it is like to run a business. And marketing is important, but so is being able to execute your investment. We will create the creative assets needed to achieve success.  


Social Media

Social Media is often the first time your audience interacts with your brand. We work with your newly refined brand identity to create consistent messaging that reflects your brands personality and values.


video is one of the most powerful media platforms we can use to tell your brand's story. 

We can create any video you need to tell your story.

+ Stop Motion

+ Retail Space

+ Timelapse

+ Brand Story

+ Animation


A picture is worth a million words. So having professional, engaging photography is one of the ways we elevate your brand.

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