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Meet Yongjin Kim, affectionately known as YJ, a talented graphic designer with a diverse background that spans South Korea and various locations across North America, including Ottawa, Canada, Idaho, and North Carolina, before eventually finding his home in Dallas, Texas.

YJ's passion for the art of graphic design was ignited during his time running the family food truck business. From designing captivating menus to crafting eye-catching logos and themes for the mobile restaurant, he discovered his love for creating visually stunning and impactful designs. His creative touch extended to crafting compelling business cards and flyers to promote the food truck's delectable offerings.

When it comes to personal favorites, YJ has a fondness for Chobani yogurt, which provides a delightful dose of inspiration during his creative process. Like a true aficionado, he appreciates the nuanced flavors and textures that come with every cup. Additionally, YJ finds solace and a jolt of energy in his trusty companion, coffee, fueling his creativity throughout the day.

YJ's love for graphic design is accompanied by an unwavering passion for music. It serves as a constant backdrop to his life, accompanying him even during sleep. The rhythm and melodies inspire his creative flow and infuse his designs with a harmonious touch.

With his multicultural experiences, a keen eye for aesthetics, and an unyielding dedication to his craft, YJ brings a unique perspective and immense talent to the world of graphic design. He combines his love for design, gastronomy, and the captivating world of music to create visually captivating and resonant experiences for clients and audiences alike.

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