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Meet Sasha, the Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at Clutch Creative Marketing. With a seasoned background as a veteran political strategist, she has navigated high-profile County, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and Presidential campaigns, overseeing substantial ad spending and managing her candidates' appearances across major national news outlets.

The genesis of Clutch Creative Marketing began with a serendipitous phone call in 2016. From the back seat of her husband's broken truck, Sasha reached out to Natalie, unknowingly just six floors below their soon-to-be inaugural office in downtown Salt Lake City. Thus, Clutch Creative Marketing emerged from these humble beginnings to become an esteemed marketing and branding agency.

In addition to her professional achievements, Sasha fearlessly embraces the challenge of balancing her role at Clutch with the responsibilities of raising four remarkable toddlers under the age of five. Her ability to navigate the intricacies of both business and family life is a testament to her exceptional multitasking skills.

Sasha's love story intertwines with her entrepreneurial spirit, as she met her husband Ryan during a swing dance session. When not immersed in work or shuttling their children between various activities, Sasha and Ryan find solace in daydreaming about their children's future and contemplating which business each child might one day take over.

Fueling her busy life, Sasha's go-to companions are dry shampoo and Dr. Pepper, allowing her to maintain her unwavering energy and enthusiasm. With her remarkable accomplishments, dedication to her family, and unyielding passion for marketing, Sasha is a driving force behind the success of Clutch Creative Marketing.

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