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Meet Danny Morgan, an accomplished Account Manager with a diverse background spanning multiple states and even international borders. Although he has called Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada home at different times, Danny's roots firmly took hold during his formative years in Utah. He honed his skills in Public Relations while studying at Brigham Young University-Idaho, laying a strong foundation for his professional journey.

Embracing the great outdoors, Danny finds solace and excitement in every outdoor activity imaginable. From exhilarating winter skiing to invigorating hikes, from peaceful camping trips to refreshing swims during the summer months, he embraces nature's wonders with enthusiasm and zest.

Danny's journey has led him through various industries, including outdoor pursuits, technology, and construction, amassing a wealth of experience along the way. Now, as part of the Clutch team, he serves as our invaluable PR aficionado, leveraging his expertise to propel our clients to new heights.

When he's not immersed in client work, Danny channels his passion for renovation by transforming his own house into a dream home. He harbors aspirations of owning a plot of land where he can build his mini-farm, nurturing a vision of sustainable living. With determination, he's gradually ticking off items from his bucket list, and his quest to visit all 50 states is nearing completion. In the meantime, he dedicates his free time to renovating his century-old home, a labor of love that showcases his unwavering dedication and attention to detail.

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