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Branding, Video Website

Metafuel is disrupting the health/lifestyle market with its cutting-edge and comprehensive lifestyle brand. Faced with intense competition, Metafuel's founders recognized the need for a strong brand strategy and alignment. That's when they turned to Clutch.

Working closely with the Metafuel founders, the Clutch team swiftly developed a visually impactful strategy that captured the attention of buyers and set them apart in the saturated market. Our web and graphic designers revamped their existing materials, establishing a brand that positioned them as leaders in the health and lifestyle industry. 


Collaborating with Metafuel's owners, our account managers implemented an updated color palette and created a fashionable website design. Additionally, we produced an ultramodern video to enhance their brand presence.

The collaboration yielded immediate results, including increased brand loyalty. As Metafuel heavily relies on repeat and legacy clients, the comprehensive work we did together proved to be highly beneficial and paid dividends for their business.

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